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Update Order Tracking
Update Order Tracking

In this article we will go in-depth on how to update your Order's Tracking information right from EasyChannel

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Keeping your customers up to date on the status of their order is one of the most important things you can do, and the easiest way to do that is thru Tracking Information. Today we will be showing you how to use EasyChannel to update your order's Tracking Information both manually and using CSV Files.

Updating Tracking Information Manually

  • To update your tracking information manually, first go to the orders screen. To do that use the Order button on the main menu, as picture.

  • Find the order you want to enter Tracking Information for and select the Lightning Icon in the actions pane to bring up the menu.

  • Select Add/Change Tracking Number from the menu.

  • Use the provided fields to enter or change your Tracking Information and then use the Confirm button to save and exit.

Updating Tracking Information Using CSV Files

  • To update your tracking information using CSV Files, first go to the main orders screen using the Orders button on the main menu, as pictured.

  • Next, navigate to Tracking CSV

  • Click the blue Update Tracking via CSV button

  • Select the source of your CSV File to be uploaded.

  • Select whether you are importing by Order ID or Transaction ID and then click the blue Start Import to import your CSV File and Update Tracking.

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