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In this article we will be showing you how to create and import Custom Attributes for your products on EasyChannel

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Using EasyChannel's Product Catalog you can create Custom Attributes for your products. Today we will be walking you through the process of creating and managing these Attributes, as well as showing you how to Import these via a CSV File.

Reaching the Custom Attributes Screen

  • The Custom Attribute screen can be reached by first navigating to the Product Catalog by using the Products tab on the main menu.

  • Under the Product Settings section, we can find the Custom Attributes screen.

Creating a Custom Attribute

  • To Create a Custom Attribute, first select Create Custom Attribute, near the top of your workspace.

  • This brings up the Create Attribute screen. The first thing we need to do is name our Attribute.

  • Second, we have to decide the Attribute Type. Decide between String, Boolean, Number, or List

  • Lastly, we need to write the description of our new Attribute. For our example, we are going to have it describe color.

  • Once we have completed our description, we can select Create to finish the process.

  • Your Attribute will now be in your list.

Editing or Deleting a Custom Attribute

  • To either Edit or Delete a Custom Attribute, you will need to work in the Action Pane of the Custom Attribute workspace.

  • To Edit an Attribute, find the Attribute in the list, move to the Action Pane, and select the Trash icon.

  • You will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the Attribute. Select Remove to finish deleting the Attribute.

  • To Edit a Custom Attribute, find the Attribute in the list, move over to the Action Pane, and select the Pencil Icon.

  • This brings the Update Attribute screen up. Once you have updated your Attribute, select Update to save your changes.

Uploading Custom Attributes via CSV Files

  • To Upload Custom Attributes via CSV, first select Import Custom Attributes via CSV, at the top of your workspace.

  • Next, choose the location of your CSV File.

  • Once we have chosen our CSV File our Mapping Screen will unlock.

  • Map your CSV Files so the EasyChannel Product Fields in the left column match with the corresponding columns from your CSV File.

  • Once your CSV is correctly mapped, select Start Import to begin importing your Attributes.

  • You will receive an alert in your Notification Center when the process is complete.

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