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In this article we will show you how to add Product Categories to your EasyChannel Product Catalog

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Today, we will be showing you how to use the Product Categories tab in your Products Catalog to add Product Categories to your catalog. Once you have added categories, you will then be able to assign products to them and map your EasyChannel categories to your storefront categories so you can seamlessly publish your listings right from your EasyChannel workspace.

Reaching your Product Categories Screen

  • Your Product Categories screen is located in the Product Settings section of your Product Catalog. To reach your catalog use the Products tab, on the main menu, on the left-hand side of your screen.

  • This brings you to your Products Categories workspace.

Creating a Product Category

  • To create a new category, use the Create Category button on the top bar of the workspace.

  • This will bring up the Create a Category box. Name your category, and select Create to complete the process.

  • Your new category should now be at the top of your category list.

Editing or Removing a Category

  • To edit or remove a category we need to use the Action pane. First locate the category you wish to edit or remove. For this we will use our Chewing Gum category.

  • Now that we have located our category, we need to look all the way to the right and find the Action pane.

  • To edit the category, use the Pencil icon.

  • This will bring up the Edit Category window. Once you make your changes, click Save to finish the process and exit.

  • To remove the category, use the Trash icon.

  • Use the Remove button to confirm you want to delete the category.

Bulk Actions

  • If you would like to Bulk remove categories from your Product Catalog, you can do so by first selecting the checkboxes of the categories you wish to remove from the far-left pane of your workspace.

  • Once you have selected your Categories, click Bulk Actions, and choose Delete Categories.

  • Use the Remove button to confirm you wish to delete the categories and finish the process.

Note: Categories must have no products assigned to them to be deleted. If they have products assigned to them, they must be unassigned before they can be deleted.

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