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Products User Interface

In this article we familiarize ourselves with the Products User Interface and learn how to navigate through the workspace

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The EasyChannel Products tab is where you can Create, Import, Transfer and Edit Products across your storefronts. First, let's learn how to navigate the Products User Interface and then we'll dive into the exciting EasyChannel Product Tools. Any of the links you see will take you to our in-depth article on the topic.

The Products Tab

  • Upon first logging into EasyChannel, the Products tab can be reached from the far-left hand menu. The Products tab is the second active tab underneath the Dashboard tab, as pictured

  • Clicking on this will take you to the Products tab workspace

The Secondary Menu

  • Once we reach the Products tab, the first thing we want to pay attention to is the secondary menu. It is located on the left-hand side of the workspace, just inside the main menu tabs. It is marked in red in the image below.

  • This menu is how you will navigate to the different screens contained within the Products tab workspace.

  • Template and Category Mapping, Inventory Management Tools, and your Product Catalog can all be reached from this menu.

  • For in depth coverage of any of the screens mentioned or the ones not covered here, view our complete Products tab article collection, Here.

Top Bar

  • The second section of the workspace we are going to look at is the Top Bar. This is where you can execute Bulk Actions, Add Filters, Create Products, Import Products, or search your Product Catalog

  • We have marked out the Top Bar in red below.

    Product Catalog

  • The last section we are going to look at in this article is the Product Catalog. This is the section of the workspace where all the products you've created or imported into EasyChannel are stored for easy access.

  • We've marked the Product Catalog out in red in the image below.

  • There are several different columns in the product catalog. Let's just focus on the ones you can interact with, the Tags column lets you add custom tags to your products right from the catalog.

  • The Actions column lets you copy, edit, or delete a listing from the catalog.

  • The very first column allows you to bulk select multiple items to apply bulk actions in the Top Bar.

  • Select the very top box (Denoted with a red arrow in the image below) to select all products.

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