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Order Manager User Interface
Order Manager User Interface

In this article we will familiarize ourselves with the Order Manager User Interface and learn how to navigate the workspace

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One of the best parts of selling online is making a sale, right? Well to make it even easier our Order Manager is here to help. This is where you can easily see you orders and their status across all of your storefronts, as well as take a number of different actions on them with a click of a button including adding tracking, sending the buyer a message, cancelling orders, and more. Before we dig into the complicated stuff lets familiarize ourselves with the Order Manager User Interface and learn how to navigate the workspace.

The Order Manger

  • To reach the Order Manager we need to select the Orders button on the main menu tab on the left, as shown.

  • This brings you to the main Order Manager workspace.

The Secondary Menu

  • The next section we are going to look at is the Secondary Menu. This menu allows you to navigate between the different screens of the workspace. Let's first identify the secondary menu, located on the left-hand side of the workspace just inside the main menu.

  • Now let's briefly look at each section in the Secondary Menu, starting with the Orders section. This section contains four subsections. The first is your All Orders screen that displays your current orders. Next, is Automations, where you can setup automations for new orders that come in. This is followed by Tracking CSV, which allows you to update tracking via CSV file. Finally, we have Order Insights, which takes you to the Insights page for analytical data on your orders and sales patterns.

  • The next section is the Resolution Center. This is where you can handle all of your cases in one place. It will also show you a snapshot of your recent cases, returns, and disputes. This section is divided into two subsections, Cases, and Settings.

  • The last section is the Customers tab. This section brings up a database of all of your customers that you've compiled information on. You can send a message to your customers from this tab, or, if you click the question mark in the action pane, bring up a detailed log of your interactions with that customer.

Top Bar

  • If we go back to our Main Order screen, we are going to look at the Top Bar for a moment. This is where you can view a snapshot of your recent orders and also clear the cache of your Order screen, if necessary.

Order List

  • The last section we are going to look at is the Order List. This is where all of your orders will be displayed. You can select multiple orders to apply Bulk Actions to by selecting them from the left-hand side and then using the Bulk Actions button, as marked.

  • You can also apply actions to orders individually by using the Lighting Bolt symbol in the Actions pane.

  • You can also navigate between pages of your Order Screen.

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