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In this article we will show you how to map your EasyChannel Categories to your Storefront Categories for a seamless transfer

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Today, we will be going in-depth to show you our Categories Mapper Tool. You can use this tool to map your EasyChannel categories to your connected storefront categories so that when you go to publish listings you don't end up with incorrect or missing categories.

Reaching the Categories Mapper

  • To get to our Categories Mapper, the first thing we need to do is get to our Products Catalog by using the Products tab, on main menu, on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Using the secondary menu, we can navigate down underneath the Product Settings section, and find the Categories Mapper.

Creating a New Category

  • To Create a New Category, use the Create New Category button near the top of the Categories Mapper workspace.

  • The Create New Category pop-up will come up and here you need to name your category. After you name it, select Create to save the category.

  • The New Category will now appear at the top of your Category List in your Category Mapper.

Mapping your Categories Manually

  • Now that we have our Category created, let's manually map it to one of our storefronts. First, let's decide what storefront we are using. We do this from the Select Channel menu.

  • We are going to map to eBay, since it is the most common storefront. Now we need to locate our Category. We are going to map the category we created last section.

  • Notice the red x on the left under the Status column. This means even though we created our category it's not yet mapped, so if we were to try and list it, EasyChannel would not know what eBay Category to list the product under. The first way we can fix this is manually.

  • We have two options for manually mapping our category, the first is to use the Select Category menu to find the appropriate category.

  • You will find this method can be difficult to locate the best matching category. Most times it is recommended to use Auto Map. Manually selecting your category is optimal if you know exactly what category you want to list under. The second way to manually set your category is with the Search Category icon.

  • This brings up the Search Category window. On the left we have Recently Used Categories, where we can quick select from a selection of recently picked categories.

  • On the right we have the Search Categories side, where we can enter a search term and see a list of categories that contain that term.

  • You can choose a category from either side by using the Choose Category button.

  • The category will now be manually mapped to your choice.

Auto Map

  • Auto Map lets EasyChannel automatically map your categories to the corresponding storefront categories that match the best. To Auto Map your category, first use the left pane to select the category you want to map.

  • Once you have the category selected, use the Auto Map button.

  • Confirm you want to Auto Map the category with the Yes, Continue button.

  • EasyChannel will then Auto Map the category to the best fit. A green checkmark under the Status column will confirm the category is now mapped.

Removing Categories

  • To Remove a Category, use the Trash Icon in the category's corresponding Action Pane.

  • You will receive a Success message in your lower right-hand corner of your workspace, your category will be empty, and your red X will have returned in your Status column.

Duplicating Categories

  • To Duplicate a Category to your other connected selling channels, find the Copy Icon in the corresponding category's Action Pane.

  • A Success message will tell you that your category has been duplicated. The category will now appear in your other storefronts mapped the same way.

Bulk Actions

  • To use Bulk Action to change the category of multiple items at once, first select the items you want to map using the far left pane.

  • Then you can either use the Bulk Action menu to change the category manually.

  • Or Auto Map the selected listings in bulk.

  • Auto Mapping larger number of items can take time. A spinning wheel next to the Auto Map button lets you know the action is still in progress.

  • Your categories will auto-fill as they map.

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