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Importing Products From eBay and Bulk Listing Them on Shopify Using EasyChannel
Importing Products From eBay and Bulk Listing Them on Shopify Using EasyChannel

Use this guide to easily transfer your listings from eBay to Shopify using our Import Products and Bulk Action Tools.

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Transferring products between storefronts can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Differing product categories, different product specifications, and the sheer number of products to be listed can all be obstacles that need to be overcome. Fortunately, here at EasyChannel we have developed several tools to make this process both simple and fast! Below you will find step by step instructions on how to bulk list your eBay products to your Shopify storefront using EasyChannel and how to use our Character and Template Mapping tools to make the transfer simple and error free.

Integrating eBay and Shopify with EasyChannel

  • Using the Profile icon in the lower left corner (indicated by the arrow in the screenshot below) bring up the options menu and select Integrations, as shown below.

  • Using the corresponding eBay and Shopify icons select the storefront you wish you to connect and follow the prompts to connect your store.

  • For more information on how to connect your storefronts to EasyChannel, Click Here

Importing your products from eBay

  • Using the Import Products button, as marked in the screenshot below and select Import Products from Channel.

  • Using the dropdown menu pictured select the eBay storefront you would like to import from.

  • Click Import.

  • If you're having trouble importing your products, make sure to check out our troubleshooting guide here.

Use Template and Character Mapping to assure a smooth transition

  • Different storefronts use slightly different categories and identifiers for their products.

  • Use our Template Mapping feature to assure a smooth transition between the product identifiers used in your different storefronts and avoid time-consuming errors.

  • Reach Template Mapping from the left menu, as shown below.

  • For our complete in-depth guide on using our Template Mapper, Click Here.

  • Our Categories Mapper allows you to ensure your product categories easily transfer between storefronts.

  • Manually map your categories or let our Auto Map feature do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Reach our Categories Mapper from the left menu as shown below.

  • For our complete in-depth guide on using our Categories Mapper, Click Here.

Select the imported products to be transferred to Shopify

  • Using the selection boxes to the left, select which products you would like to transfer. If you would like to transfer all your products at once, just use the Select All box as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Once the desired products are selected, use the Add to Channel button outlined in red below.

  • For our full guide on adding products to different selling channels, Click Here.

Check your Shopify Dashboard to confirm a successful upload

All selected items should now be uploaded and live on your Shopify storefront.

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