Linked/Unlinked Listings

In this article we will explain Linked/Unlinked Listings and how they affect the changes you make to your products in your Product Catalog

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EasyChannel gives you the ability to link the products in your EasyChannel Product Catalog with their corresponding listings on your storefronts. When your listings are Linked, any changes you make to the products in your catalog will automatically update on your storefront listings. You can Link/Unlink your listings any time and that's what we will be showing you how to do today.

Linking Your Listings

  • First, we need to navigate to our Product Catalog using the Products tab on our main menu. Make sure you are in the All section of your catalog.

  • Now, let's find the Action Pane of the listing we want to Link. For this example, we will use the first product on the list.

  • Use the Pencil Icon to bring up the Edit Product screen.

  • Navigate to the Listings tab of the Edit Product screen.

  • The Link/Unlink toggle is located under Linked Status.

  • Switch the toggle to the on position to Link your listing.

  • Switching the switch back the other direction will Unlink your listing again.

Note: Linking your listings will cause an automatic update to the storefront listing of the product

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