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In this Article we will show you the basic storefront settings available to you, where to find them, and their functions

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Now that you have your first storefront connected, let's make sure it's setup exactly the way you need it to work best for you. In this article we will go over the basic storefront settings available, where to find them, and what each one of them does. If you are looking for a specific setting, click on the link in the table of contents below to jump right to it.

NOTE: This article only provides details on general storefront settings. For more information on specific functions of EasyChannel, visit the corresponding in depth article in our Help Center

Changing Storefront Settings

  • To change or enable settings on your connected storefronts you need to go to the Integration Screen. This can be reached by clicking the Profile Icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and then selecting Integrations from the pop-up menu, as pictured below.

  • From this screen you can select which storefront's settings you'd like to change by selecting the corresponding Logo. For the first few settings we are going to show you, we are going to use an eBay storefront, so let's choose the eBay Logo

eBay Suite

  • The first setting we will be discussing is the eBay Suite toggle. When you select the eBay Logo from the Integration Screen the toggle can be found marked in the column marked in red below.

  • Flipping this toggle into the On position allows EasyChannel to sync your eBay storefront with the Listing Tool included in your workspace.

  • For an in depth guide on using our Listing tools, Click Here.

MultiChannel Suite

  • The MultiChannel Suite toggle, is applicable to all of our compatible storefronts.

  • After selecting the desired storefront Logo from the Integration Screen, the MultiChannel toggle column can be found marked in red below.

  • Switching this toggle into the On position allows you sync your storefront to the Products catalog. This makes importing, and transferring products between storefronts simple.

  • There is an additional Settings tab located next to the toggle which brings up a pop-up containing additional settings options.

  • These settings allow you to choose default actions to take on your storefront when changes are made to your product catalog in EasyChannel.

  • For more information on how to use our Product catalog, Click Here.

ReSync Account

  • Sometimes due to changed passwords, needed verifications, or other unforeseen circumstances a storefront may become disconnected from EasyChannel.

  • To check if a store is disconnected, click on the corresponding Logo from the Integration Screen, in this case we will use eBay.

  • The status of your storefront's connection will be displayed in the Token Status column, as pictured below.

  • An Active message means the storefront is connected and syncing properly. A yellow warning symbol means you need to ReSync your account.

  • To ReSync your account, we need to look on over to the Actions column, marked in red below.

  • The first button, outlined in red above, is your ReSync button. This will attempt to automatically reestablish the connection with your storefront using the same information provided when first linking the account. If successful, your Token Status will change back to Active upon refreshing your screen.

  • If this fails, you will need to re-link the account following the How to Connect a Selling Channel instructions, Here.

Remove Account

  • If for any reason you decide you want to disconnect a storefront from EasyChannel, removing it is fast and easy

  • First, select the corresponding Logo of the storefront you'd like to remove from the Integration Screen, for this example let's stick with eBay.

  • If you have multiple storefronts of the type you wish to remove, locate the specific storefront to be deleted from the list. For this example we're going to remove the last store on our list.

  • Next, we need to slide over to the far right to the Action column, and locate the Trash icon.

  • At this point, a prompt will appear, asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the selected storefront. Deleting a storefront also deletes all settings associated with that storefront as well.

  • Once you click Yes, remove your storefront has now been removed and is no longer connected to EasyChannel.

Setup E-mail Forwarding

  • To setup E-mail forwarding for a storefront associated E-mail address, start by selecting the corresponding storefront Logo from the Integration Screen. For this example we will use Shopify

  • In the Actions column of the storefront you wish to setup, click the mail icon, marked in red below.

  • A new screen will open up with 3 sections. In the first section you will need to put the storefront associated E-mail address in the provided field, if it is not already there, then click "Next"

  • The second section contains the instructions for enabling E-mail forwarding in your E-mail settings. There is both written instructions and a video tutorial provided, both are marked in red below.

  • The last section enables you to send outgoing messages via your E-mail. To do this we have to configure the SMTP settings. The settings should Auto-Configure when you select your E-mail provider in the first box.

  • You can select the Learn How button for our full Article on E-mail Forwarding.

  • You can test the connection, with the Test the Connection button, marked in red below.

  • When you're ready to continue, click Save to finish the Forwarding process.

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