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Unsent messages in EasyChannel Helpdesk
Unsent messages in EasyChannel Helpdesk

This article goes into detail about unsent messages, their causes, and how to fix them.

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Errors while replying to messages in your EasyChannel Helpdesk are rare, but when they occur, we want you to have all the answers to get your platform back operating correctly again as quickly as possible. Read below to learn how to identify when the system has failed to send a message, how to identify the cause, and solutions in each case.

Identifying an Unsent Message

The easiest way to identify an unsent message is by color. An unsent message will appear red instead of the light blue of regular messages. The timestamp will also appear red as opposed to gray of a successfully sent message.

Identifying the cause of an Unsent Message

To identify the reason your message was not sent, hover your cursor over the warning exclamation point next to the red timestamp. If no error message appears than the issue is an eBay API issue and is only temporary and your message should send in a few moments. If you receive an IAF Token Supplied is Expired error, the issue is with your storefront connection, and you should move to the next section for troubleshooting instructions.

Fixing an IAF Token Error

If you do have an IAF Token Supplied is Expired error, you will need to resync your eBay account to EasyChannel. You can do this by going to your eBay Integration screen and using the Resync button.

If you are still having issues, please use the Contact Us button in your platform to get further support.

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