First Steps in EasyChannel

In this article I'll take you through your first login into EasyChannel and a Step-by-Step guide to running the EasyChannel Setup Wizard

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When you first login to EasyChannel you'll be prompted to answer several questions to allow the Setup Wizard to run. During this process you can also connect your storefronts and invite teammates to work with you on EasyChannel. In this guide we'll take you through the entire setup process step-by-step.

Logging in for the First Time

  • When you login to EasyChannel for the first time you'll be greeted by the Setup Wizard home screen below

  • To run the Setup Wizard, click the blue "Get Started" button marked in the above image.

Profile Creation

  • The next screen will ask you for your basic profile information.

  • You can add a profile picture from this screen by clicking on the edit button inside the round profile icon as marked by the red arrow below.

  • Using the Selling Platform Icons marked by the red arrow you can select which storefronts you will be using.

  • When completed, you can advance to the next screen Save and Next button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: This step can be skipped and completed later by clicking the "Later" button located next to the "Save and Next" button

Integrating your First Storefront

  • Next, you will be given the opportunity to connect one of, or all of your storefronts to EasyChannel.

  • Just select the Platform Logo of the platform you're trying to connect and follow the prompts.

  • This article does not provide detailed instructions for connecting each individual platform for more information on connecting selling platforms click here.

NOTE: This step can be skipped and completed later by just clicking the "Continue" button without connecting any storefronts

Invite Teammates

  • EasyChannel makes staying connected with your team members easy, just select the Invite Teammates button to get started, or choose Skip to continue without inviting teammates.

  • After providing the name and email address of your team members, EasyChannel will give you the option to choose which parts of your account you want to share by letting you set permissions for each team member as shown below

  • Once the invitation is sent, your team member will receive an e-mail invitation that they can accept to join the workspace.

Getting Started

  • After inviting team members, the Setup Wizard should be complete, and you should get a screen congratulating you on your new EasyChannel account.

  • If you're ready to dive right in the Go to Dashboard button marked in red will take you to your new Dashboard to get started.

  • If you'd like to read more on all the amazing tools and features available to you in EasyChannel and how to use them, the Learn More button will take you to our extensive collection of guides and How-to articles.

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