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Warehouses and Priority
Warehouses and Priority

In this article we will be exploring the Warehouses tab of your Product Catalog and the features available within

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Today we will be going in-depth into the Warehouses tab of your Products Catalog. This tab allows you to create Warehouses, link them to products in your catalog, and set priority order to determine where the orders are being shipped from.

The Warehouses Tab

  • To reach the Warehouses tab we first need to select the "Products" tab from our main menu on the left

  • Next, we need to scroll down to the Inventory Management section of our Product Catalog and locate the "Warehouses" tab

  • We are now in the Warehouses workspace

Creating a New Warehouse

  • The first thing we are going to do is Create a New Warehouse. To do this we simply select "Add Warehouse"

  • This will bring up the Create New Warehouse screen where you can fill out the information for your new warehouse. Once you have filled in the required fields select "Create Warehouse"

  • This adds your new warehouse to the end of your current warehouse list

  • There are multiple ways to add products to your new warehouse. To learn more about how to add or edit product inventory, click here.

Actions Pane

  • On the far right of you Warehouses workspace you have your Action Pane

  • From this pane you can Edit or Remove your Warehouses. You can also set your Default warehouses using the Star icon. A matching icon will appear on the left, next to the name of your Default Warehouse

Setting Warehouse Priority

  • If you have products that have inventory in multiple warehouses, the warehouse priority will determine which warehouse the product the order gets fulfilled from. Priority can be set by just dragging the far-left column in the proper order

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