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Up to Quantity Explained
Up to Quantity Explained

In this article we will explain Up to Quantity and how to use to control your inventory levels on specific storefronts

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In this article we will explore the Up to Quantity feature when Publishing a Listing. We will explain what exactly it does and how to most effectively use it to control inventory in your specific storefronts.

Up to Quantity Explained

  • Up to Quantity is an Inventory Control feature available to you when add products to your storefronts from your EasyChannel Product Catalog.

  • You will see the Up to Quantity Toggle in Add to Channel pop-up.

  • This feature allows you to control both the Ideal and Maximum number of the item to list under Quantity. When the Quantity falls under that number and additional inventory is available, additional Quantity will be added to meet the Up to Quantity. Conversely, more than that number will never be displayed for sale, regardless of Total inventory.

  • For Example, if you set the Up to Quantity as 10, and you have 20 of the product in your inventory, only 10 will be published to the storefront. When 1 sells, an additional quantity of 1 will be added to the listing as long as there is sufficient inventory in your Warehouse.

  • If your inventory in your Warehouse falls below your Up to Quantity then the number displayed on your store will be the actual inventory in your Warehouse.

How to Use Up to Quantity

  • To turn Up to Quantity on when Adding Products to a storefront, switch the toggle into the On position.

  • You now need to set your Up to Quantity number in the box provided. This is denoted in number of units.

  • Note, this will Link your Listings to the Products in your Catalog. To learn more about Linked Listings, Click Here.

  • Once you are ready to set your Up to Quantity and Publish your Listings select Publish as Live.

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